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The remedy of the Turks for those 150 years (of ruling Hungary): Turkish Cymbals

Cymbals from Turkey!

Turkish cymbals (made in Istanbul) are the first instruments I have been using as an endorser since the beginning of the 90's, when I fell in love with those great Ensoniq samplers (R.I.P). I am happy using these cymbals because I discovered them earlier than their local distributor Tam-Tam Dobcentrum introduced us to each other with the company.

 techinfo-mupa0067 Endre

What the aliens left behind: Peavey Radial Pro 1000

Peavey Radial Pro was probably the most mistreated, hapless endeavour ever in the history of drum manufacturing. Having procured from inventor Steven Volpp a drum manufacturing technology based on a revolutionary new concept, PeaveyŸ, the largest musical instrument manufacturer in the U.S., entered the market of premium category acoustic drums in 1994 with great expectations.


The first love: Yamaha Recording Custom Cherry Wood

What else could I say?

I do believe that it would be a superfluous attempt to go into a lenghty digression concerning these drums, as no other model is known around the globe that has been used in the course of so many recordings, by so many of the leading drummers - percussionists, and which has been produced for such a long time in the original, unchanged form.


No matter how many fine horses are galloping within your reach, the good old donkey is still a cuddly and charming pet - Yamaha Stage Custom

These drums produce a far better sound than their price would suggest. Originally I wanted to use them as not-too-delicate club-tolerant (yes, there were still clubs at that time) instruments suited for every occasion.