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New KÁOSZ Központ video


Here's the new KÁOSZ Központ video! The official song of the Harley Davidson Open Road Fest

 KAOSZ logo

A little bit of rock: KÁOSZ Központ


The video clip made for the 2011 Harley Davidson Open Road Fest is the launch of KAOSZ Központ (Kovács Áron National Entertainment Centre): Áron Kovács (vocals), Zalán Kékkői (guitars), Gergely Markos (bass guitar) and Endre. Stay tuned for more details, dates etc.

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Launching Hungaristan Central Station!!!


Following the successful testing of Hungaristan Central Station, the studio got a dedicated page in the main menu.


LinkedIn profile


My secret life is over: from now on endrehuszar.com contains links to the 
LinkedIn profile that summarizes my IT activities.