News  2012




The premiere date is 13/05/2012 MűPa. The drum rig is ready! After the completion of the electronic drum hardware, we've been successfully testing the plugins for some weeks now, which enable Ableton Live for the first time in the world to instantly react to remote commands, thus making it conveniently controllable from a drumkit. The development took nearly two years (and often led to dead ends) and couldn't have been completed successfully without the dedicated and expert help of an Ableton employee, Mark Egloff. We'll shoot some videos about the plugins after the concert in May. The system is running so reliably, so we finally could start the rehearsals!

The solo project: Endre-eNerd


The premiere of the Endre-eNerd solo project will be held on the 13/05/2012 at the MüPában. Beside the members of the 9:30 Collective the lineup will include Rob van de Wouw, the excellent Dutch trumpet player. The preparations of this technologically unique solo live act are in progress, stay tuned for more info on the custom developed hard- and softwares and for further details of the production...