Musician interviews

From Aerosmith to Zawinul

As a journalist, I've been making interviews with internationally well-known musicians working in a wide range of styles since the early '90s, for both print and electronic media.

Although the interviews were originally made in English, they are accessible on the Hungarian website only. In most cases the recordings can't be found any more and it would have taken an enormous effort to translate the published versions back into English. Sorry. Maybe it's time to learn some Hungarian...

The majority of them were published in Zenesz mag ("The Musician"), Blikk, Petofi Radio and several local radio stations, mainly in the '90s. Despite of all the positive feedback I received from both the musicians themselves and the public, the permanent lack of time forced me to reduce this activity significantly.

By the way, the otherwise grandiloquent "A to Z" in the title nearly fell through, because I had to make research in the archives to find the interview with Aerosmith. I'm not a self-documenting kind of person, so it was really difficult to collect all the material when the idea came to my mind that it might be interesting to read what all these people had to say about music 5 or 15 years ago, especially because many of them are still very successful. This is why I couldn't find some interviews, which I definitely remembered. Among others they were made with Jojo Mayer, Bill Evans or Eliza Gilkyson. I'll make them available once I'll find them.

It was a more pleasant sort of surprise when I found interviews that I totally forgot about during all these years. Even myself could read them as something completely new. It seems that being senile is the key to a wealth of new experiences.

The other thing that came to my mind about all this is that being senile is the key to a wealth of new experiences...

The long list includes:

Tom Araya (Slayer),
Victor Bailey,
Martin Barre (Jethro Tull),
Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden),
Billy Cobham,
Joe Cocker,
Larry Corryell,
Deep Forest,
Andy Deris (Helloween),
Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden),
George Duke,
Peter Erskine,
Gloria Estefan,
Faith No More,
Alphonso Johnson,
Will Calhoun,
Doug Wimbish,
Ian Gillan,
Green Day,
Don Grusin,
Heroes Del Silencio,
Dave Hill (Slade),
Mick Hucknall (Simply Red),
Gary Husband,
Mike Inez (Alice in Chains),
Milt Jackson (Modern Jazz Q),
Living Colour,
Steve Lukather,
Paul MacCandless (Oregon),
Jim Marshall,
Tony Martin (Black Sabbath),
Dan McCafferty (Nazareth),
Bobby McFerrin,
Meat Loaf,
Airto Moreira,
Laurence Rosenthal,
Steve Smith,
Mike Stern,
T. M. Stevens,
Eicca Toppinen (Apocalyptica),
Steve Vai,
Andreas Vollenweider,
Rick Wakeman,
Lenny White,
Zawinul Syndicate