News  2010


Palace of Arts video premiere on Duna TV


Premiere of the "9:30 Collective meets the Alien Chatter" concert movie made at the Palace of Arts on Duna TV. I hope it will be aired at least as many times as our previous live video filmed at the Budapest New Theater


The first eDrumming clinic


"Why can't drummers find clear guidance in the setup and creative use of electronic devices and software while they've been widely used in many musical genres for several years?"

On the 6th of October I finally managed to start my long planned eDrumming clinic at the Art Faculty of Kodolányi College. To be continued...


George Duke, Peter Erskine és Bobby McFerrin interviews


I uploaded three new interviews I recently made with three iconic musicians of the last few decades: George Duke, Peter Erskine and Bobby McFerrin. (Hungarian version only)