The Bartók Update 2.0 concert movie is finally ready!


The Bartók Update 2.0 project was premied at the Contemporary Arts Festival (CAFe Budapest) at the Palace of Arts Tent in October 2016. The concert movie is finally here, stay tuned for more details on how to view it. more »


Endre-eNerd edrum clinic at the 24th Guitarmania Camp


This year's main topic: "Effective Rock Drumming". It'll be loud I can guarantee. See you there.

25 July 2017, 16:00 Szolnok - Tiszaliget

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eNerd feat. Ben Neill & Luca Kézdy at the CAFe Budapest Festival


The works of Bartók is the main topic of this year's Contemporary Arts Festival (CAFe).

eNerd teamed up with American trumpet player/inventor Ben Neill and violinist Luca Kézdy to create a brand new material for the event.
22/10/2016 20:00, MüPa Tent


Highlights of the Endre-eNerd edrum clinic at the 23rd Guitarmania Camp


Excerpts from my eDrum clinic at the 23rd Guitarmania Camp with my band mate Roland Adrian Takacs on bass. (In Hungarian only, no subtitles this time, sorry).


Endre-eNerd on Drum Talk TV (episode 4)


On Drum Talk TV again... This was one of my most interesting projects ever: we took swing legend Imre Köszegi to the studio to do something he'd never done before and play some "eNerdized" electronic music with us. Also, this video is the debut of MegaTap, the finger drum and MIDI controller I built.


Endre-eNerd edrum clinic at the 23rd Guitarmania Camp


The clinic will cover everything you need to know when taking edrums on stage or to the studio, featuring the Bee series by Turkish Cymbals, the latest addition to my cymbal arsenal.

29 July 2016, 15:00 Szolnok - Tiszaliget




Endre-eNerd3 at the Budapest Music Expo


03-10-2015 - 17:40 and 18:40, Tam-Tam booth
Peta Lukács - guitar, Miklós Lengyelfi II. - bass, Endre Huszár - drums

Budapest Music Expo - Syma Hall, Budapest, Dózsa Gy. út

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Endre-eNerd on Drum Talk TV (episode 3)


On Drum Talk TV again... This time they published part 2 of the "How it was made - 'eNerd' drum kits for the 2Box DrumIt Five module" video.