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Endre-eNerd - The Time Capsule (3D Blu-Ray)

Provocative. Original. Innovative. A performance where drums tame computers and multi-style improvisation is centre stage.


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"... Huszar works like a man possessed throughout this performance, triggering samples, keeping the steady throb of the groove(s) in play, and creating smooth transitions between various sections of "The Dark Side" and "The Bright Side"—the two lengthy suites that fill out this ninety-minute program. He's always expertly steering the show, setting things in motion with various electronics, loops, samples, and real-time drumming escapades... It's hard to know what to call this—electro-futurism, fusion moderne, or something along those lines could work—but a genre tag is really irrelevant. Better to simply look and listen to what Huszar has created. It's art and visual spectacle rolled into one." (Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz)

"… it IS indeed drumming, very good drumming in our opinion." (Dan Shinder, Drum Talk TV)

"Only a few drummers approach electronic percussion creatively.. and push their possibilities to the limit. One of them is Endre Huszár.. (His recently released 3D Blu-Ray) is an unusual production in all technical aspects with over four hours of great entertainment created by an exceptionally creative mind." (Wolfgang Stölzle, Sticks Magazine)

Endre-eNerd is drummer/composer Endre Huszar's technologically cutting-edge solo project, which is based on a unique drum system that enables him to build up complex improvised musical textures on the electronic drum pads while playing the acoustic kit. The setup consists of some custom built and customized hardware and software components, which make it possible to control all aspects of the creative process, including the recording of musical building blocks, layering, mixing and processing them.

"Although this is a solo project where I'm laying down all musical textures on my own, I thought it would be a lot more interesting to take some friends on stage with me and see how they'd interact with these textures and it was such a great experience to hear all the new dimensions and colours they added to my ideas." (Endre-eNerd)

The Time Capsule captures their live debut at the Joe Zawinul Memorial Day at the Palace of Arts Budapest. The full length concert movie is accompanied with a 52 minute supplementary technical video (The Endre-eNerd Files - Secrets of a Unique Drum System) that gives a detailed rundown of the drum system.


The Dark Side
1. Joe's Long Trip to Hungaristan (16:19)
2. Over Earth (10:23)
3. Dictators' Truth (9:43)
4. The Time Capsule (13:16)
5. Parallel Worlds (8:18)

The Bright Side
6. No Exit (5:23)
7. Tunnelvision (8:08)
8. Spider's Dance (8:03)
9. Keep It Coming (8:23)

Endre-eNerd! – acoustic and electric drums, vocoder, programming
Miklós Lengyelfi II – bass guitar
Tamás Mohai – guitar
Orsi Kozma – vocals
Rob van de Wouw – trumpet
Sándor „Zsömi" Zsemlye – saxophones
Roland Rácz – keyboards
Andor Gábor – percussions


Bonus concert

The bonus material contains excerpts from the last performance of the 9:30 Collective, Endre's fusion band, whose sequel is the Endre-eNerd project. The show features guest stars Alien Chatter, a superb L.A. based Indo-jazztronica band.

Alien Chatter:
Rodney Lee – keyboards
Satnam Ramgotra – tabla, drums

9:30 Collective:
Endre Huszár – drums
Desney Bailey – vocals
Orsi Kozma – vocals
Tamás Mohai – guitar
János Nagy – keyboards
Sándor „Zsömi" Zsemlye – saxophone
Norbert Marius – bass guitar

more info: endre-enerd.com